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Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators are a great way to analyze your current debt situation and start developing a plan of action.

Utilizing the right financial calculator can shed light on where your debt repayment should begin and what debt reduction strategy you should use.

Check out the calculators below to get a head start on reducing debt and setting goals for your financial future.

Financial Calculators - Debt Snowball Calculator

The debt snowball calculator will ask you to list your debts in order from smallest balance to largest balance. This financial calculator will then analyze how much time it will take to pay back your debts based on interest rate and by using the debt rollover or "debt snowball" method of debt repayment.

By paying off one debt at a time you can focus on concentrating all extra income on one debt at a time which can significantly speed up the process of debt repayment.

See how much interest you can save using this free debt snowball calculator worksheet and payoff schedule.

Financial Calculators - Debt to Income Ratio Calculator

The debt to income calculator will analyze your current debt load much like a bank would in determining whether or not to give you a loan. If your current debt load is too high in relation to your income then you are said to have a heavy debt to income ratio and you would not be a good risk for a loan.

This calculator is set up to give you a color coded result so you can easily see where you are currently. By making adjustments to your current debt or by increasing your income you will be able to see what needs to be done to decrease your risk in the eyes of lenders. Check out the debt to income calculator.

Financial Calculators - Debt Payoff Calculator

The debt payoff calculator analyzes current debt and interest rates and calculates the how long it will take to pay back those debts. This financial calculator will also show you how much time can be saved by either lowering the interest % or by increasing the amount of payment that can be made each month.

This calculator utilizes the "debt snowball" method of debt repayment. Check out the debt payoff calculator.

Using the right financial calculator can enhance your ability to plan which is vital for your debt reduction initiative. Become knowledgeable about your debt and what it will take to pay it back. Come to terms with the amount of time you have left to make payments and pray about creative ways to reduce your debt.


Financial Calculators